October Hues

Our 2nd Autumn here has been peaceful overall and I am grateful for it! We delight at cooler temperatures and at watching leaves fall outside our Living Room window…..taking note of the changing hues ~ reds, yellows, browns and the green leaves still holding on. This is my favorite time of year and although I can not stop time so I can relish it longer, I can at least be more mindful of each day in how I spend my time!

One thing I am so thrilled with is our Charlotte Mason journey we began this year. This has truly been a new ‘hue’ of our homeschooling journey. It has helped us be more organized and free, loving our learning and experiencing a much more broad range of topics ~ music and art appreciation, God’s nature creation, poetry, handicrafts, etc… I highly recommend it! We are thankful the Lord has been merciful towards us.

What new hues have you noticed in your life and are thankful for?

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