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Making A House Your Home

Making our house into a home is an art. 

Made in the image of our Creator, we are in fact creative beings!  Granted, not all may master or enjoy the same artistic expression, but I believe all should try to embrace the art of making a house into a home.

This does not need to be a great expense, although if you have the budget for some expensive things then go for it (but don’t forget, expensive does not always mean ‘better/nicer/more awesome’.)

Thrifting, antiquing, flea markets, your own artwork, and family keepsakes are great ways to use some classic, vintage, unique items.

Do not be afraid to decorate your walls (they are a blank canvas!) with paint, mirrors draperies and art.  Mix different textures (metals, textiles, glass, plants, wood….) throughout and on furniture pieces like console tables.

For spaces that seem awkward or are not exactly a designated room, I still try to make it a ‘designated’ space.  At the top of our stairs our landing is oversized yet we did not want to put an upholstered sitting chair there.  A chair just used too much space.  So we chose an antique wood bench, an ornate mirror and a round tufted velvet pillow.  I also placed one of my plants in the corner to add an organic greenery component to it.

Bottom line, you live in your home, enJOY it!