Art of Living

Joie de Vie…

January comes to an end today and a new month arrives tomorrow, much like the sunrise not long after a sunset. We are in the heart of this Winter season, I have goals and hopes. I can hear the beauty of classical guitar playing in my mind as I prepare myself…now ‘Lazy Days’ by Enya plays.

A cup of coffee by my side and my feet covered from the cold….I prepare my mind for our move northwest. It’s not that far, only 15 minutes away, a spec in time. I have decorated the home over and over in my mind…my favorite part of home making where beauty and function meet and come together.

Painted furniture with Firecracker yesterday – our pie-safe. I love crusty, old, vintage, antique things – sometimes you just leave those things alone. If I own something though, old or newer, then sometimes I must rough it up with paint and add some crustiness to it – life! It feels so good to do that. And then to top it all off I bring God’s beautiful created greenery inside – plants everywhere.

My prayer for today – may I do His will and not my own, to be thankful and rejoice. If I fall, to get up quickly, to ask for forgiveness, to forgive, and seek the next right response not because I am a puppet but because He is pure, good and holy – it is a joy – there is no goodness apart from God!

The joy of life – joie de vie – can be found in all things, in every crevice, in every small detail…and even in the change from one month to the next.