The purpose for this site is to share the good news of the gospel! Sadly there are many false gospels and false teachers out there. Linked in the Menu section are several theologically sound, helpful resources such as Sermon Audio, Ligonier Ministries and much more! This is also a place where homemakers and homeschooling mothers will find encouragement (even the ones who have yet to begin). Last, I hope to inspire others to enJOY being creative ~ journaling, poetry, photography, drawing, and more!

I’m Adrienne from Autumn Hills Farm Family, an imperfect Christian wife and mother of three children here on earth. I worked outside of the home for years…however in 2012, I left to work inside the home and to homeschool my children. I love photography, writing and making a house a home! I love vintage items, copper, plants and dried flowers. If you are wondering if we have a farm or homestead, we do not………yet. Several years ago, we decided to name our home and named it ‘Autumn Hills Farm’. The name has stuck with us even through moving. Autumn is my favorite season, I love the country landscapes where I live and I have such joy and respect for those with homesteads and farms – one day, if the Lord wills, I would love to have one cow, four chickens, a goat and gardens of herbs, lavender, veggies and berries…..however, I will be content with my trees, dogs and gardens! I started this blog many years ago, however after starting a tiny little podcast with my friend Gina, the site transformed into something much bigger! It’s been quite a fun and educational journey!

Please feel free to contact Let Us Not Grow Weary directly by email: letusnotgrowweary@gmail.com


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