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October Skies

I did not expect this gift today, and I gladly received it anyway.

Thank you God for strengthening your people – we are weak and yearn to be meek. Sometimes the sweetest and simplest of gifts from above should be the most treasured.

Learn to be more like Him. Forgiving, loving, kind, faithful, good and meek. Oh Lord help us when we are weak!

“The day brought forth grey skies and fresh air,
I sit surrounded by children,
content and understood.
The crispy grass beneath me in need of rain,
I enjoy their company with much to gain.
The excitement of speaking the truth, good things for their ears,
I, no perfect one, I too need to hear.
Thank you oh Perfect One for making me bold,
I pray for the children, these matters to hold.”

~A poem I wrote two years ago.

Two years later, sunshine, October skies, changing leaves and a gift I did not expect to receive.

“Bread has one quality, water another, raiment
another, medicine another; but none has them
all in itself as Christ does. He is bread to the
hungry, water to the thirsty, a garment to the
naked, healing to the wounded; and whatever
a soul can desire is found in Him.”

~John Flavel