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The ‘Magic’ Of Ordinary Days…

The skies of ordinary days

Blue and bright,

Sunlight breaking through

Such precious light.

As a homemaker, I am home…a lot…by choice. I am introverted, I enjoy it, I love it!

Even I, however, can get cabin fever, especially after we all had Covid. With all the down time, getting out was needed! I thoroughly enjoyed walking on the trail with my daughters recently. The fresh, crisp February air was invigorating.

Today my husband and I walked to the neighborhood park with our one year old English Bulldog puppy. Our youngest had a chance to play on the playground and it was peaceful and relaxing – cold, but not so cold that your face hurts.🤪. We walked throughout admiring the trees and daydreaming about future house projects.

Just simple times…that’s it!