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Summer Truths

“Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer…”

Psalm 74

Below is a wonderful excerpt from the Reformation Heritage Study bible.  I love this bible due to the scripture study notes, family worship notes and the detailed study articles.  Please take the time to read the article! You can purchase this bible and more great resources here.

You may wonder, “what does the above have to do with summer?”  Well, actually, quite a bit.

God created the four distinct seasons – he made summer.  The magnificent sun that shines upon your face and warms you is his creation.  This sunlight is crucial for life and without it you could not see beautiful blooms, green foliage or taste the precious fresh crops that grow abundantly during summer. 

In fact you (he made you) wouldn’t be here reading this on this Earth (created by him) without his holy will and master design. 

How can we really enjoy one of his awesome seasons without wanting to know him?

☆ feel the grass beneath bare feet…some call it ‘earthing’, whatever you call it just do it – it feels great.

☆ watch lightning bugs sparkle & light up the night

☆ let the summer rain fall on your skin

☆ make a big glass of freshly squeezed, lemon water with lots of ice cubes; put it in a mason jar glass (optional) and enjoy!

☆ sit outside and take in your surroundings – the days are long – be mindful, be grateful…to God.