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Glow of the Lights by Night

My daughter and I did the dishes the other night by the glow of the white lights. I had placed them around my kitchen window, and the beautiful glow brought me great joy. The littlest of things can bring such happiness – if you don’t agree, perhaps gaining a different perspective may help….look at things from a new angle.

I turned our main lights off to highlight the decor that shined in the darkness brightly. Again, it was beautiful – we joyfully worked together as a team, and listened to traditional holiday music (Bing Crosby anyone? Elvis? Andy Williams?).

I washed and she dried. Piper was all smiles and happy – it was so peaceful! The joys of homemaking…..Mothers, raise your daughters to enjoy making their house a home, teach them to find joy and not walk in drudgery!

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May they think of their chores as ‘responsibilities’ instead. I do believe there is a significant difference – chore has a negative connotation to it. A responsibility though? Well, responsibility seems more of a positive challenge, a right of passage!

The best part was that she was having fun.




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