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Daily Encouragement

Walking along the trail as dusk grows near. The sun is striking – I crouch down to gain a better perspective. Through the Juniper the rays absolutely glow. A glorious site and I am happy.

Just writing this to inspire anyone out there to ‘crouch down’ and get a better perspective. Metaphorically….literally….whatever it may take.

Pray for mindfulness and awareness to remember that different angle, because a changed perspective makes a huge difference in our daily lives….yet is so easy to forget to do!

Whether taking a photograph, resolving a conflict, preparing a meal, teaching your children, or making your house a home ~ resolve to be mindful as you go through each task and emotion.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

For more encouragement listen to our podcast discussions and encouragement digest series on various topics (although we are on several platforms our YouTube channel includes ALL discussions/videos/podcasts.). Links can be found on our menu tab.🤎🍂

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