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Delicious Salsa Recipe!!

So some of you may have store bought salsa in your Kitchen (they typically taste ‘blah’ and far from delicious in my opinion!). Unless you are having a salsa emergency, do not eat it as is! Follow this very easy recipe to “freshen-up” that salsa and make it taste like it’s from scratch!

My husband is famous for his homemade salsa making skills from scratch and it tastes…wonderful. While, his recipe is so goooood, I’m going to share this semi-homemade, quick version that tastes like its from scratch. It’s perfect for the moments you don’t have time to boil a pot of tomatoes, etc.

Get your blender out & add the following:

~one large onion 🧅 (I cut mine into 4 big chunks so it will blend nicely)

~one large “bunch” of cilantro 🌱 (in my opinion the more the better; add 1/12-2 large bunches if you are a cilantro lover)

~store bought salsa (I use approximately 24oz)

~cumin (an earthy spice that adds a lot of flavor; I eyeball it and probably put about 1 tablespoon in; you can always add more or less!)

~powdered garlic 🧄(now the ‘from scratch’ recipe uses fresh garlic; go for it if you have it on hand; use about 2-3 cloves or as much as you like.) Otherwise add about 1 1/2-2 tablespoons of powder – you can always add more.)

~one small pinch of salt

Pulse your blender a few times and then blend on low until incorporated very well. Do a taste test with a tortilla chip or two or three. If you can, warm your chips in the oven (it’s so worth it when you have the time).

I store my salsa in the fridge, in an air tight container. It’s delicious with tortilla chips, mixed with black beans, pinto beans, or with quesadillas, etc….or even on salad in place of dressing. I hope you enjoy this flavorful recipe!

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