Art of Living · Christianity

The Narrow Path

What is right, what is wrong?

How can I know as I go along?

A path made narrow, trees all around.

A forest before me, as I try not to drown.

I keep my focus, mindful of the ground.

Stones, flowers greenery and browns.

Taking steps forward, one by one.

Trusting in Him, I remember now, I know what is true.

I acknowledge Him on my way, as I navigate toward the light.

The sunlight glows, beautiful rays of gold, peaking through the trees.

He directs my paths faithfully, even though I can’t see Him, He’s always near.

I will not have a broken spirit, I will not fear.

I keep my focus, mindful of above, the light peering through, this narrow path I try to stay on.

A merry heart I have now, no dried up bones, I’m rooted in the One who loves.

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