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Summer Intensity

July, suffocating warmth…yet along with it the madness of gardening. A joy, a work, labor of our hands, sweat, weeds and an explosion of plant life.

Temperatures are feeling like they are above 100 degrees, and I’m so thankful for fans and AC. I remember Summer breaks from public schools and college being so special, playful and relaxed in a way. Now as a Momma of three I am helping to make similar memories – still teaching them for learning doesn’t stop just because a new season has begun….going rock hunting, creek walking, country drives, slushees in the heat….day trips to the lake and adventures to new places.

Remember to live your life for the Lord – for He is watching, rejoice and live your life. Pray for others, for yourself, interact with others, spend time alone painting, drawing, writing poetry, creating, staring at trees upside down as they stretch into the sky.

Summer, the intensity.

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