IMG_2033I must pray more.  Such a seemingly easy thing to do right?  Yet in this world of distractions all around us and my sin of laziness – I have not been praying as I ought.

I recall teaching the children this verse.  I would have them put up a finger for each of the 10 words as they said them.

“…It is good for me to draw near to God.”

~ Psalm 73:28

How appropriate this verse is for me daily, for so many reasons.  As we teach our children, often what we teach them is what we need to be mindful of as well.  Let me abide in what I teach – to be a doer not just a sayer.  Let idleness and laziness not tempt me but may I teach diligently, do what I say and draw near to Him!

Praying for all of the Mommas, young and old, who live out this homemaking homeschooling journey daily.  May we see victories big and small and be thankful for all…

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