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Should Parents Homeschool?

Why is homeschooling the way to go?  Well let’s think about it:

– Is public school (even Christian models) a realistic institution for our children to attend? Since when does age segregation happen in the real world?  Ummm, it doesn’t.  At your husband’s  job is everyone the same age?  At the stores is everyone the same age?  Do we only befriend people our own age as adults?  I hope not!

– Public schools are bound by the state not by Christian theology.  Enough said.   Deuteronomy anyone?

– The family unit shoud stay together!  Can we ever do things separately sometimes?  Of course, don’t even go there.  But the children should be nurtured, trained, fed, disciplined and taught by the parents ~ not by strangers following some institution’s agenda.

– Don’t think you can do it?  Don’t think you have the patience?  Guess what – I most certainly am in need of more patience, love, gentleness and self control with my children!  I am not the most qualified academically trained teacher out there for my children – there will always be someone “better” than me.  But in God’s eyes?  On His terms?  He has given them to me.  He equips me.  He holds me accountable.  This is part of my sanctification.

– Don’t think there is an agenda at your public school institution?  Think again (see my links page for a good documentary to watch.)

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